Fidel Castro broke his silence: He still doesn’t trust Americans.

Finally, almost two months after the US and Cuba announced they’d be ‘shaking their hands’ in faith of restoring diplomatic ties (December 17, 2014), our ex-leader Fidel Castro broke his silence to express his position about it all.

In two words: Not convinced.

I am going to try my best not to say: ‘I called this!” but I actually did in a previous blog titled: «Cuba’s new friend: What would Fidel Castro have to said about this?»

Our ex-leader, who was never shy to express his lack of trust for American politics, reiterated his feelings in a letter released last Monday (January 26, 2015) in Cuba’s newspaper El Granma . Reading between the lines of that letter, you will see he provided a matter-factual statement about this not being his idea. He made it clear to the world this was his younger brother’s doing using his prerogative as Cuba’s current president. He even made the point to clarify he had not personally exchanged any communication with United States to discuss or agree to any of this. With that, I believe what he wanted to say was: “ If it would have been me in power this would have never happened”. You will also notice he stopped short of endorsing the most recent developments after both countries announced they’d become friends. He clearly stated he didn’t trust American policy. And since any friendly relationship should be based on the basis of trust, you can guess, again, that Fidel Castro would have never extended his hand to reciprocate Obama’s hand shake.

And this is, by no means, a new side to Fidel Castro. He spent every spare second of his almost 50 years 217in power railing against American politics. This is also not the first time there was an attempt to handshake between the two enemies. Fidel eternally refused to reciprocate and we are not to be surprised with the letter he sent.

Lucky for Cuba, Fidel Castro’s stubborn position will not keep Cuba stuck in the sand forever. Cuban people are happy Raul Castro, who ‘inherited’ the power after Fidel Castro had to step down in 2006 put his pride aside and for once, and thought about what Cuban people needed in order to prosper.

Lucky for Cuba, regardless of his strong convictions, Fidel Castro didn’t totally opposed his brother’s position to befriend the eternal enemy of the North.

Fidel Castro took so long to react because he just doesn’t trust Americans and this ‘turning the page’ probably took everything of him to live with.

He finishes his letter by saying » with this spirit I have fought and will continue fighting until my last breath».

Lucky for Cuba, is no longer about fighting. It is about working with the world, not against it. All so that Cuban people can finally breath.

By Jocy Medina

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3 comentarios sobre “Fidel Castro broke his silence: He still doesn’t trust Americans.

  1. Thanks, Jocy, for your thoughtful commentary on this current situation. It’s very valuable to me, as one who is planning to go there. I myself know that this raproachment is all about letting the corporations go in to make big profits. So I trust Fidel more than the USA.

    Me gusta

    1. You are right, but the Cuban in me cannot help feel that entry you speak about will mean growth to the now half century long stangled Cuba… sadly all bad comes with the good. If you like this one I just just just wrote an article about a dirty little trick Cuba played today. I hope this doesn’t mean the closing of the little bit of the opening we saw. It is surely a closing of the door on everyone’s face who was hopeful that things would ‘workout’ between the two enemies. Enjoy reading! Jocy

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