The invisible mechanics of our love (Day 3)

Maybe, just maybe…
What keeps us apart is
is nothing else, but time.

we are actually together
while still, a million miles apart.

Maybe, our veins,
are nothing more than cables
connecting love between our minds.

And maybe,
the blood in them is feelings
running through each others lives.

Maybe, there’s is an engine,
a never ending power of some kind,
that wants our love to never die.

Maybe, that is why,
the waves that make us lonely
reach beyond the oceans
and wake us up at night.

And if I have a thought, you dream it,
and if you have a pain, I feel it,
and whenever it gets dark, we cry.

I feel you in my stomach,
as if you were so close
No matter how hard I’ve tried
to kill you with my mind.

You moved away so far
and managed to delete me,
from everywhere in your existence,
except for deep inside your heart.

Our distance is a machine
That tortures everyday
That make us seem so dead,
But keeps it all alive.

By Jocy Medina

PS. This poem is part of a Writers Digest Daily poetry competition, whereby each day of the month of April 2015, they prompt us with a word for writing a poem.

Day 3 – The prompt word for this poem was: MACHINE

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