Havana left (Day 4)

Beyond her warmth
Beyond her nights of hurricanes
Havana dreamed of something else…

So young
She got new wings
And flew away to other worlds.

That night
The country slept
But cried a sea when it woke up.

She flew
So far away
She could not longer taste the salt.

Havana left
She thought she had it all
She felt so rich, so poor, so sad.

She smiled
Until that day
Tears became too hard to hide.

One day
She wrote this poem
to never have to feel so far
She ate leaves of fine tobacco
for her heart to smell like fine cigar
She turned into rocks to always be the Malecon
and became an ocean painter to always feel at home.

By Jocy Medina

PS. This poem is part of a Writers Digest Daily poetry competition, whereby each day of the month of April 2015, we are prompted with a word for writing a poem.

Day 4 – The prompt word for this poem was: Departure

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