Forgetting to look down (Day 5)

Once upon a life
Stars lingered in their dust
And Earth was made of solid ice.

One day,
we got a gift.
We got a yellow Sun
That heat up the Earth’s crust
Which melted a rich soil under our feet.

A garden grew in a backyard
So did carrots, so did beets
Oceans grew to host fish
So did peppers to host seeds.

Which fed the ants that fed the bears
Which fed the land that gave us meat
Which brought back hope for all mankind
Which made us all, including you and me.

And then,
Hands praying, we look up
To thank the Sun for all it did,

And while that’s great
It’s not completely right,
We keep forgetting to look down to also thank the soil,
We keep forgetting veggies are perhaps, the reasons we exist.

By Jocy Medina

PS. This poem is part of a Writers Digest Daily poetry competition, whereby each day of the month of April 2015, we are prompted with a word for writing a poem.

Day 5 – The prompt word for this poem was: Vegetable

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