Biden for Cuba: What if…

United States’ elections 2020 have rekindled hope for what could be the future for the island. If it is true that politics divides the world, the elections in the United States have divided us in Democrats and Republicans. One thing is for sure, when Cuban American go to vote, the question ‘what does this mean for Cuba’ is front and center for casting the vote. The answer in 2020, for many Cuban, was Trump. How so? The world scratches its heads wondering how this could be. Florida was well divided with regards to their democratic / republican votes, but Cuban Americans were not. Majority voted Trump because of Trump’s four-year obsession to squeeze the neck of an already asphyxiating system in their island, that no matter what happens, seems to hold on to one breath after the next.

Communism, is the devil in our minds. There is mounted convictions around the idea that Trump is the pinnacle of Capitalist system (and it is), however, a wrong conviction that anything that opposes it is communism (which is NOT!). This wrong conviction that Democratic equates Communism has driven Cuban Americans to feel the best candidate to keep Cuba’s archaic system at bay is Trump.

Trumps obsession for Cuba proved successful in driving votes, even when Cuban Americans know that tightening the embargo just gives the Communist cadre in the island someone to point the finger at, for their failures. Such is the propaganda around the embargo, that the world truly believes that the embargo is the real culprit to what Cuba has endured (and it is NOT).

What if… democrats win the 2020 election and Biden for Cuba means removing the embargo, relaxing the relationships and letting the Cuban Government show that it is not what the world does to them, but what they do to themselves what has them in such critically dying state. I wish, Cuban americans did not see Democrats as a form of renewed Communism. I wish they realized what we have in Cuba now is not even Communism but the saddest form of dictatorship. I wish they would finally come to terms with the idea that, voting for Trump is just another way to give the Cuban regime someone to blame for the destruction they have caused in that island.

What if, Biden wins and continue what Obama tried to do, opening relationships with the dictators and putting the responsibility of the last 60 years of pain where it belongs: On them.

Jocy Medina

Cuban writer, novelist and poet.

Cuban first.


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  1. I could not agree more and yet most Cubans in Florida voted for Trump, most Cubans in Florida prefer a ruthless orange and ignorant barbarian to have an «iron hand» on Cuba, that is, on their brothers and sisters, rather than hope for change for the island. The way they forget they were once those on the other side just shocks me beyong words.
    Como dicen en España, donde resido, es simplemente ALUCINANTE.
    Yo no elegiría a Trump ni de presidente de mi edificio, ya no te digo de un país, cualquier país.

    Le gusta a 1 persona

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