Post election: Your 76 days of hell with a narcissist

If you were ever in a relationship with a Narcissist you knew Trump was one. A royal one. But tonight, during US elections 2020, he confirmed it with flying colours to the world. Nothing is ever their fault. If they lose the election must be fraud. If a city did not vote for him there must be a problem with the electoral vote. We did not need to get here to know exactly what he was. We are all a means for something in their lives right. So, he never claimed a penny for the elections. Why? We all know this is all pure advertising for his empire. I mean, if he had to pay from his own pocket the type of marketing he got by becoming President of United States, no matter what size of millionaire he is, he’s bankrupt all he owns. The country is that thing that boost his name and hence, his bank account. They don’t feel emotions the way the rest of us feel our emotions. He is passionate about America, because America is that thing he claims he win. Admitting that he lost it is like admitting he did something wrong, something a narcissist never ever does.

So where does that take us? It takes us to election night, the day so many American woke up to the notion of thousands dying each day from a horribly managed national response to a pandemic. Narcissist collapse when they lose control, and COVID is that thing for Trump that, no matter what he did, he could not control. To prove he won against that massive  enemy he invented he got the disease, he went in the streets wearing no mask and filled his followers with horrid conspiracies about it not existing.

Insane? Yes. But nothing compares to the insanity that is to come from now until the day he hands over. Yes, 76 days of hell. Narcissist are not good losers, although they are truly are complete losers with broken self esteem, who need the admiration of others to feel something. He will use all kinds of flying monkeys to get everyone against the guy that won. Watch it. If you ever left a narcissist you know they turn your friends, your kids and the rest of your immediate family against you to the point of total agony.

Concession what? The only speech Trump will do in the next 76 days will be about division and hate for human kind. They cannot accept they lost. We can expect lawsuits, hate speeches and all kinds of tactics that extreme narcissist use to show the world they were always right.

Sadly, he is not crazy, he is just mean. Narcissist lack empathy. They would accuse you in your face of all you never did just to innerve you to the point of collapse. He went as far as accusing America of committing fraud when voting for Biden. He went as far as trashing the voters system which is a sacredly at the core of the countries democracy. The country he should be so passionate about saw his true colors during these elections. Keep counting in the States I am not yet winning and stop counting in the States I won. Hypocrisy. Tantrums. Rage. Attack. He is a narcissist by the book. And guess what? They don’t apologize. They can’t, because that would mean they did something wrong. And in their mind, they are perfect.

What do you expect them? Hell. People do not calculate the extent of the damage he can pose on American system, the health of his people and the future of his country in the next 76 days , until he is escorted out of power.

And then what? He leaves this ends. I don’t forecast that will be the way. The thing is, a true narcissist will never leave you. They never block you. They never really let go. You may put restraining orders on them and they will keep showing out at your door. The Trump venom is here to stay. For years to come that nation will carry his injections. He is not leaving in 76 days, his concession speech in short, will be: hasta la vista baby… I will be back.

Rest assured, he will.

Jocy Medina

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