Forgetting to look down (Day 5)

Once upon a life Stars lingered in their dust And Earth was made of solid ice. One day, we got a gift. We got a yellow Sun That heat up the Earth’s crust Which melted a rich soil under our feet. A garden grew in a backyard So did carrots, so did beets Oceans grew... Continue Reading →

Tempt me (Day 1)

Tie me, when awake... My lips are craving, My soul is fending, My fists are tight, My tears are ice. Take me, when in vain... I scream “I need it” They scream “I have it” I cry “I want it, but I can’t.” Hug me, when I need... A light to ride A sound to... Continue Reading →

The invisible mechanics of our love (Day 3)

Maybe, just maybe… What keeps us apart is is nothing else, but time. Maybe, we are actually together while still, a million miles apart. Maybe, our veins, are nothing more than cables connecting love between our minds. And maybe, the blood in them is feelings running through each others lives. Maybe, there’s is an engine,... Continue Reading →

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