Second chances

Time’s the illusion that lives in our eyes seeing the world passing us by but we are… we’re all left behind. Almost forgetting just who we are Falling and failing time after time Just need hand to help us get up. I looked in the mirror and saw Someone new before me Things are just... Continue Reading →

A hole in the soul

We placed a ticking bomb Right inside of our souls Faced with the thought of abortion Of a beast that was really a saint Letting him live wasn’t an option If we wanted our love to prevail What the hell? So we betrayed procreation By sucking out the bunch of cells murdered natural selection Practiced... Continue Reading →

To see each other again

We pushed geographical lines Drove mathematicians insane Sabotaged the weather forecast To see each other again. We played fetch with a beast To escape imprisoning chains We jumped from the tallest bridge to land with each other in bed. We scribbled over our paths Drew two rails and a train To get from your planet... Continue Reading →

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