The recent discussions to re-establish relationships with the US will impact Cubas tourism business. Mr. Marrero, Cuban's Tourism Minister, announced a wealth of promising ideas for European business investments in Cuba. These ideas are expected to bring a larger number of Europeans to Cuba chasing after the islands eternally shining sun. The ideas include, for... Leer más →

Last chance! Travel to Cuba before the Cuba we know today no longer exists!

If you plan to go to Mexico this year, don’t! Put off your Mexico Lindo plans for next year and go see Cuba before it totally changes from ‘un-touched” to same as everywhere. The thing is, after more than half a century living with an forbidding embargo, the US recently announced economic openings towards Cuba... Leer más →

Reflexiones acerca del Norte de mi Cuba

Se dice que allá en Cuba no hay norte ni sur. No parecen existir los puntos cardinales. Se habla de las mismas vicisitudes en ambas esquinas de la isla, se baila el mismo baile salsoso, las mujeres venden su sexo con igual tenacidad, hay la misma carencia de pan y leche, los hospitales están igual... Leer más →

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