I gotta grow a love

I don’t want to walk beside the fence forever
Giving up on magic and divine
I should try cozy and tender
I gotta grow a love to call it mine

I have cleared up my schedule
from now ‘till the day I lose my teeth
Looking for the kind of pleasure
that makes it worth filling it with.

I am a revamp wildebeest
muddy from the mating show
tired of the hounding feasts
lost in lands of savage love

Fields of nothing but cowards
As far back as eyes can reach
Fields of endless Pink Floyd flowers
Turning beauties into beasts.

Spring is throwing a big party
I asked to be a guest when I rsvp-d
I gotta get myself a new attire
I gotta grow a love to go with me.

If it doesn’t kill you makes you clever
So here’s the perfect recipe
A love that loves if I am not looking
A love that’s looking if I need.

I’m getting on to turn the power
And throw away all the bling bling
I’ve got enough to breed a coward
But I’ll grow a love to grow old with.

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  1. Loved it, Jocy. If this is a real call, I’m sure the Universe is already listening. If not, this is a message everyone should pay attention to. Real, healthy love is what we all need to invite into our lives, and to give to others. I wish you a beautiful day, full of inspiration and happiness 🙂

    Me gusta

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