Second chances

Time’s the illusion that lives in our eyes

seeing the world passing us by

but we are…

we’re all left behind.

Almost forgetting just who we are

Falling and failing time after time

Just need hand

to help us get up.

I looked in the mirror and saw

Someone new before me

Things are just how they are

Not how we wish them to be

We are going to get it right

When the light are off

There is massive world filled with

second chances

Hope is a ghost that hides in the heart

dragging us down for what we don’t have

but sometimes hope

its all that we have.

There’s always a reason for keeping alive

To go from dark holes back to the light

For living each day

As a gift from the past.

I bet you din’t know you were blind

until your heart could just see it.

By Jocy Medina

2 comentarios sobre “Second chances

  1. Reblogueó esto en Letras Noctámbulasy comentado:
    Hope is an illusion, it can not do anything for you excepting give you light. Many people say that life is a cycle, but I see the life and the opportunities as a coil of smoke in a glass. On this coil you can not look up, the only way to know what will happen is exploring the coil. We do not know how valuable are the opportunities until they have passed. When we fail to take an opportunity, in the future, this spiral can pass through the same point again, but the opportunity never be the same. Thanks to Jocy Medina for this wonderful poem.

    Le gusta a 2 personas

  2. My absolute pleasure! Beautiful words that you attached to the post. Very inspiring! Keep sharing. Love is about spreading because love not spread is just another form of sorrow.
    🙂 Jocy

    Me gusta

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